Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Shoes glorious shoes

Just a quick post to show my two new pairs of shoes that I have bought over the last week. I couldn't resist the first pair from Primark, for only £20 they were a bargain. I was dithering over whether to actually get them as I wasn't sure about the snake print pattern down the side, but after trying them on about 6 times I decided to just  buy them and decide later. I wore them out on sunday night, hence why they are a little dirty. But I've got to say  they were undoubtedly the comfiest shoes I had ever worn on a night out! Usually my feet are killing after a night out so these shoes were my saviour, and were also very easy to walk in.
My second pair were slightly more extravagant at £75 from River Island, but after seeing a girl on my train home wearing them, I couldn't keep my eyes off them! You can imagine my excitement when I saw them sitting on the shelf in River Island about a week later. After taking my friends in there countless times to show them my dream boots, I was persuaded. Even though the size 4's were too small and the 5's slightly big, I still opted for the bigger size and put in an insole. I absolutely love them and am trying to wear them as much as possible. I think they look great with anything tights, leggings and skinny jeans. But I cannot wear them without socks otherwise they are too big. Gutted that River Island don't do half sizes a 4 and a half would have been perfect.

Primark £20
River Island £75
Me today wearing; top £14.99 from New Look.
Anyway this is just a quick post. I am going to start posting more regularly so look out for more! 
Love Rhee